MNAC is the hub for spokes on the wheel that do business with Mixed Nuts Artists’ Community LLC. Our dba’s are the creative contributors who feed their ideas, artistic endeavors, writings, compositions, 2-d and 3-d works and so much more.

It is MNAC’s responsibility to represent the contributing dba’s who wish to make their creations distribution-ready. MNAC, through its e-commerce SHOP (in development) and other external resources, makes our artists’  products available to the online marketplace. Representing the dba’s, our representatives explore wider marketplaces in order to represent individual artists and connect them with agents, producers, curators, publishers and buyers.




One of the production arms of MNAC is dba “NASTY GOAT PRODUCTIONS,” owned and operated by Charlie “Professor FEB” Lindsey.

dba NGP is growing its sound and recording studio, presently doing vocal and instrumental music and sound recording and production. We create demos and other products for distribution to the wider public, domestically and internationally. The studio’s video production program continues to evolve.


When dba Nasty Goat Productions and Mixed Nuts Artists’ Community LLC work together to promote and distribute a product or service, you will see the following logo:

mnac logo - ngp logo - kickstarter logo 1 2-12-2018 1530 hrs