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"Life Is What Happens While You're Busy Making Other Plans"

My Main Dog

In my short story collection relative to the “Vietnam War,” my main character is a U.S. Army Scout Dog. SHE (yes, a female Scout Dog) is trying to get back home to “the world” on her own resources.  From time to time she must have the assistance of human beings.

SGT “Spooky/The Soul Man” B. Goodsheperd (named so by the family who donated her to the U.S. Army Scout Dog Training Program in 1967) is running for her life because the Department of Defense has decided it would be less expensive to leave U.S. Military War Dogs  in country in Vietnam as EQUIPMENT rather than return them to the States. Politics and moral positioning are involved, of course.

Does my Scout Dog make it back home or not?

Cartooning – My Art-Tuning

Patrick Closser (dba as PDC Productions) has been cartooning for years. Minor successes here and there. PDC and Professor FEB (dba Nasty Goat Productions) stumbled into his cartooning one day and have now made a pact to see if PDC’s cartooning art may be marketable. Here is PDC’s viewpoint about cartooning:

“Cartooning is a way to express my attitudes, my feelings and my skills about such issues as politics, humor and everyday events. On paper. With ink.

It could be a political situation, e.g. WW II, or a job situation, or something funny or incongruous. Maybe like a thin woman with a size 50 dress dragging on the floor.

Walt Disney said “Give the audience what it wants.” The audience is the marketplace to whom you are selling. If it’s humorous you want them to, you NEED them to, laugh.

Some cartoonists have to do their drawings over and over again, until they get it right.

The contour of large figures is more important than detail. Most cartoonists draw the figures first, then the details come later.

The jokes/punch lines can be verbal or visual. Some cartoons are a funny visual situation with no caption.

Disney’s Goofy, and the Roadrunner and the Coyote, have no speech or voice whatsoever, just sight gags and visual jokes. The Coyote’s ingenious Acme Devices blow up in his face or he falls off of a 1,000 foot cliff. The hilarity has to do with  exaggeration, shock and surprise as well as us humans laughing at our own lesser dilemmas.


FEB’s “Grand-Kitties”


This is the “Pruwfessah,” FEB by official name. I have been a “GRAND-CAT” now for a few years.

My Daughter, known to me as “Dawta D,” is thus far a confirmed bachelorette (I am quite proud of her major life decisions, BTW). She has said to me, “Daddio (her name of affection for me…), I’m probably not gonna have any human kids, so my five cats will have to do for grandparent-spoiling purposes.”

So, to all of you who attend this website, meet my five “GRAND-KITTIES:”

(Counter-Clockwise from Bottom-Left): Jeeves, Oliver, Prudence, Ginger, Gilligan.

So proud of my grandchildren…



Reminiscing About +Leonard Cohen+

I am an ordained minister. Long ago, but not soon enough, I was led into a new and much more dynamic spiritual dimension, leaving off the shackles of an organized religious upbringing. I don’t regret my experiences in the early years of my ossification process – someone wiser than me once told me “…just take the chicken and leave the bones.” That suggestion has allowed for many transformations in my life. There are probably many more to come…

I have stumbled across new learning all my life. I am still doing that. Serendipity has led me to places I could never have discovered with my own doings. “Aha! Eureka!” have become everyday words for me. Just turned 67 years old last Sunday, a week ago now.

+Leonard Cohen+ has been one of the spiritual warlords who has assisted me in my decision(s) to remain alive in this confusing and crazy world. His music, poetry, prose, philosophizing, theologizing, romanticizing, have contributed to an ordering for my life.

Heartfelt thanx, Mr. Cohen.

Professor FEB



Patrick’s Post

My art is a physical image. It can be a portrait, a landscape, a design, a character, or a sculpture…

And it amounts to a skilled person recording his thoughts and emotions and colors on canvas, paper, wood, whether it’s a portrait, a design, a character, a landscape. or sculpture.

P.D. Closser



So Many Nuts In One Box


Artists accepted by invitation only, but no form,style, expression or genre of art is turned away.


What is art? Whatever definition you determine for yourself is most likely correct. There are no wrong answers?

Art is a form of catharsis, radiating from the inside to the outside. My favorite morning prayer goes like this: “May the words of my mouth, the meditations of my heart, the thoughts of my mind and the expressions of my gut be acceptable unto you, my Creator.”

Send us your words, your thoughts, your meditations, your expressions. We’d like to experience them and develop an ongoing polylogue.

And we’ll all shine on.




Mixed Nuts Artists’ Community LLC > Logos


Our Ambigram LOGO. Can be read either this way or upside down. Simply stated, “Mixed Nuts Artists” with no spaces in between.


“Cosmo” is, as elsewhere stated, not really a LOGO, but it is an Avatar for “Professor FEB” – Charlie. His alter ego truly, but why not include him here as well?



“dba Nasty Goat Productions” is a sole proprietorship owned by Professor FEB. dba NGP oversees and executes musical composition, arrangement, recording and production under the umbrella of MNAC LLC. dba NGP is also evolving into performing arts, vocal and instrumental teaching and production, video and still photography.



This guy is another LOGO for “dba NGP.” Quite a handsome Avatar, dontcha think?

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At times MNAC LLC and dba NGP collaborate with projects, especially with production, distribution and marketing.

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