Patrick Closser (dba as PDC Productions) has been cartooning for years. Minor successes here and there. PDC and Professor FEB (dba Nasty Goat Productions) stumbled into his cartooning one day and have now made a pact to see if PDC’s cartooning art may be marketable. Here is PDC’s viewpoint about cartooning:

“Cartooning is a way to express my attitudes, my feelings and my skills about such issues as politics, humor and everyday events. On paper. With ink.

It could be a political situation, e.g. WW II, or a job situation, or something funny or incongruous. Maybe like a thin woman with a size 50 dress dragging on the floor.

Walt Disney said “Give the audience what it wants.” The audience is the marketplace to whom you are selling. If it’s humorous you want them to, you NEED them to, laugh.

Some cartoonists have to do their drawings over and over again, until they get it right.

The contour of large figures is more important than detail. Most cartoonists draw the figures first, then the details come later.

The jokes/punch lines can be verbal or visual. Some cartoons are a funny visual situation with no caption.

Disney’s Goofy, and the Roadrunner and the Coyote, have no speech or voice whatsoever, just sight gags and visual jokes. The Coyote’s ingenious Acme Devices blow up in his face or he falls off of a 1,000 foot cliff. The hilarity has to do with  exaggeration, shock and surprise as well as us humans laughing at our own lesser dilemmas.