I am an ordained minister. Long ago, but not soon enough, I was led into a new and much more dynamic spiritual dimension, leaving off the shackles of an organized religious upbringing. I don’t regret my experiences in the early years of my ossification process – someone wiser than me once told me “…just take the chicken and leave the bones.” That suggestion has allowed for many transformations in my life. There are probably many more to come…

I have stumbled across new learning all my life. I am still doing that. Serendipity has led me to places I could never have discovered with my own doings. “Aha! Eureka!” have become everyday words for me. Just turned 67 years old last Sunday, a week ago now.

+Leonard Cohen+ has been one of the spiritual warlords who has assisted me in my decision(s) to remain alive in this confusing and crazy world. His music, poetry, prose, philosophizing, theologizing, romanticizing, have contributed to an ordering for my life.

Heartfelt thanx, Mr. Cohen.

Professor FEB