Our Ambigram LOGO. Can be read either this way or upside down. Simply stated, “Mixed Nuts Artists” with no spaces in between.


“Cosmo” is, as elsewhere stated, not really a LOGO, but it is an Avatar for “Professor FEB” – Charlie. His alter ego truly, but why not include him here as well?



“dba Nasty Goat Productions” is a sole proprietorship owned by Professor FEB. dba NGP oversees and executes musical composition, arrangement, recording and production under the umbrella of MNAC LLC. dba NGP is also evolving into performing arts, vocal and instrumental teaching and production, video and still photography.



This guy is another LOGO for “dba NGP.” Quite a handsome Avatar, dontcha think?

mnac logo - ngp logo - kickstarter logo 1 2-12-2018 1530 hrs


At times MNAC LLC and dba NGP collaborate with projects, especially with production, distribution and marketing.